Free Traffic For Broke Marketers




You NEED sales to be an Internet Marketer – Fact.
And you need traffic to get sales.

But what happens if you can barely afford to pay your monthly hosting fees let alone fork out for expensive ezine ads or even webpage classifieds?

Discover the answers in this book, here is what you’ll learn:

  • How to get traffic to your websites for FREE – as often as you like and whenever you like
  • How the worst kept secret about traffic driving could be your BEST money maker.
  • Why PLR can be your best friend or your worst enemy (find out which) when driving traffic
  • The surefire methods to ensure that your articles get published by ALL directories
  • The main mistakes that most broke marketers make when trying to attract free traffic
  • The TRUTH about backlinks
  • Google – Friend or foe to the broke marketer? – what you really NEED to know
  • How to get other people to drive traffic to your sites while you earn the money
  • The one simple traffic technique that can vastly increase your site visits
  • The ‘secret’ Google trick that tells you who can help you and who to stay away from, and much more….


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