Delicious Italian Dishes


A collection of 185 fantastic Italian recipes


A collection of fantastic Italian Recipies. 185 Italian recipes for cooks of all abilities Italian Sauces, Italian Soups, Italian Sweets and Cakes, Macaroni, Rice, Polenta, and Other Italian Pastes.

Sample Recipes: Modern Italian Sauces

No. 1. Fish Sauce

Add one dessert-spoonful of the sauce to a quarter pint of melted butter sauce.

No. 2. Sauce Piquante (for Meat, Fowl, Game, Rabbit, &c.)

One dessert-spoonful to a quarter pint of ordinary brown or white stock. It may be thickened by a roux made by frying two ounces of butter with two ounces of flour.

No. 3. Sauce for Venison, Hare, &c.

Two dessert-spoonful of New Century Sauce to half a pint of game gravy or sauce, and a small teaspoonful of red currant jelly.


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