Color Tips


Unleash The Hidden Potentials And Avoid Pitfalls That Will Cause You To Lose Thousands Silently, By Understanding The Effects Of Colors In Sales And Marketing!


One of the most overlooked topics in sales and marketing – this report gives you the advantage of presenting a logical structure to achieve visual interest and a sense of order in the presentation and organization of the various graphical elements we use in design.

It guides you away from under-stimulation of the human senses due to extreme unity and over-stimulation due to over-complexity.

There are gender-specific color preferences and perceptions, which adds to the confusion to the effective use of colors. Men prefer bright colors while women have a preference for soft colors for example.

This concise 70-page report will make you realize, appreciate and enjoy the world of colors like you have never before.

You can even name yourself as the author of this report, even break it down into individual articles or re-sell them under your brand!

This ebook explains what is color, elaborately explains the different importance and psychological aspects of color and how proper use of colors can help to augment online sales.
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