101 Gift Basket Ideas




Are you fed up shopping till you drop to find that “just perfect present”? Discover How To Create Extravagant Looking Gift Baskets Today!

Would you like to know how to create professional gift baskets for your friends, partner, co workers and your family from the comfort of your own home?

This eBook reveals the best 101 ideas for simple and easy gift gasket creation and the steps necessary to create stunning gift baskets from the comfort of your own home. And it will save you time and money as you won’t be tempted to buy expensive unwanted gifts anymore!

People have been creating and giving Gift Baskets for ages! And they’ve come a long way. The Gift Baskets made by professionals are truly amazing…

…And now you can create Gift Baskets with that same professional feel with…

“…101 Gift Basket Ideas!”

Tell me something right now…

…Who do you know that would appreciate a Gift Basket made just for them? I bet you could name several people.

If you’ve ever had a chance to receive a professionally made Gift Basket, then you’ve probably said to yourself, ” I CAN make that” and then decided you just didn’t know how to start.

Well now you can, because in “101 Gift Basket Ideas”, you’ll find…

“…Secrets of Creating Gift Baskets Like the Pros!”

You do not have to become a professional gift basket maker in order to learn what they know! “101 Gift Basket Ideas” is over 65 pages full of ideas from people who’ve done all the research for you. But now YOU get to take advantage.

Just look at SOME of the information you will find inside:
•Realize that you do not need a lot of supplies to start your first Gift Basket, in fact you could probably create your first basket with items that you already have at home (Page 8)
•Learn to create Professional baskets that will be the envy of your friends (Page 38 )

•Understand the different types of baskets that can be used so that you always create the perfect gift for every occasion (Page 12)

•Realize that not all Gift Baskets require lots of items (Page 39)

•Learn how to correctly assemble baskets so that they look like they are professionally created (Page 14)

•Impress the grandparents with wonderful gifts that are easy to create (Page 28)

•Learn how to correctly add decoration to your baskets, including ribbons, raffia and gift tags (Page 14)

•Learn to create simple and easy festive baskets for all sorts of holidays and occasions (Page 67)

•Discover how tags can add a sense of professionalism to your project without spending a fortune (Page 15)

•Learn what to do to hold your baskets together… WITHOUT creating a disaster! (Page 14)

•Find out what items you need to create the perfect Gift Baskets for all occasions (Page 9)

•Learn how to present your Gift Baskets so that the recipient feels super special! (Page 15)

•Learn to create a fun basket for Children that will keep them entertained for hours (Page 26)

•Discover that presentation is “everything”… don’t miss this! (Page 15)

•Discover the unique look shrink wrap paper can have on your Gift Baskets (Page 14)

•Learn how to create novelty baskets…your partner will love this! (Page 38)

•Learn how to theme your baskets for any occasion no matter what! (Page 10)

•Discover the usefulness of recycling goods to create unique funky baskets for friends and family (Page 12)

•Discover how to create Corporate Baskets that will impress any Boss (Page 20)

•The 3 questions you MUST ask when selecting a design or theme (Page 10)

•Discover 4 unique Pet Lover Basket Ideas – the Purrfect Gift!(Page 54)
And there’s MUCH more – guaranteed!


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